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Thursday, March 4, 2010

"D{elivery} Day" in {Minus} 20.

Soooooooooo...just 20 more days to go before I'm "officially" due. I say "officially" because I feel as huge as a house and as if there is just not possibly that much more room to keep growing for another 20 days!

With my first child, I was 2 days overdue...not pleasant. I mean, we {pregnant mothers} go 9+ months counting down to the due date, so when it arrives, we expect it all to be over then! So I'm hoping {pleading!} that I do not go overdue, at the very least. A week or 2 early sure would be nice.

With that being said, I'm trying to be patient and trying to remember that pretty soon I won't be getting much sleep, so trying to enjoy myself. It just isn't easy. When you can barely roll over from side to side at night, keep getting up to go to the bathroom, keep getting larger, keep getting {uncomfortably} kicked {then again, is it ever comfortable to be kicked?!}, it's truly hard to enjoy yourself.

With this being my second pregnancy, I definitely am more calm about the whole birthing process. I mean, I know what to expect. Of course, knowing what's coming can also work the other way - you KNOW the pain just waiting for you around the corner, and how tiring and draining and seemingly impossible {at the time!} it can be. On the other hand, I know I'll get through it...just hopefully a little {okay, a lot} more easily this time!

So how about you guys? How early {or late} were your births? Were the labors easy? Any tips?

Can't wait to introduce you to her when she arrives!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

That's so exciting! :)

Mel said...

It will be over before you know it! I was over a week past due and because my little one was posterior I was in labor, real actual contracting every 7 minutes or so IN MY BACK labor, for over 58 hours.

Adam's Blankie said...

yikes! (back labor, and for THAT LONG is HORRIBLE!) thanks for the words of encouragement, Mel! I know I just have to remember to enjoy my last few days with just my little guy for now...those days will be gone for good in a matter of a couple weeks!

Becca said...

My kids have both come right around the due date, though both were induced (#1 because of high blood pressure, #2 because of size). Labor with #1 was 10 hours start to finish. Labor with #2, we broke the water at 9am, and tried to go all natural...started pushing around 6pm...had some setbacks (contractions were slowing to 5 minutes apart)...got pitocin...got an epidural...pushed again, he arrived around 10:30pm. 9lbs, 2oz and with a true knot in his cord and 3 loops around his body. (#1 only had 1 loops, I make long cords apparently.)

But I am sending on the easy labor vibes.

Becca said...

Dur. I meant #1 only had 2 loops. And her labor was a happy epidural filled day of watching TV. Except for the "heart rate dropping! can't push" scare. Thanks to the cord looping under her arm and around her neck. Honestly, if we do it again we are gonna schedule and induce. Right around the due date, but still.

Adam's Blankie said...

that sounds HORRIBLE and scary and looooooooooooong, Becca! I was supposed to be induced with baby #1 due to size, but never actually got in due to the hospitals being too full...lucky me. So I ended up delivering on my own 2 days after the due date. I'm really hoping I don't go overdue this time!!

Stuff Parents Need said...

6 days late and had to be induced. My best advice is to have a (flexible) birth plan, and do what feels right to you! You've done this before, so you'll know what to do!