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Friday, March 5, 2010

Drowning Prevention.

Many of you already know the story behind my son's near drowning a couple years ago. I am going to save the retelling of the story for a special anniversary post in May, but for now, I just wanted you all to be aware that I put up a "ChipIn" device to collect money to send to the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona {DPCA}. My goal is to collect $1000 by the anniversary of the day we left the hospital {hooray!}. Please help out if you can ~ it's an extremely important cause {especially here in Arizona} and one that is very near and dear to my heart, of course. In fact, drowning is THEE leading cause of death in children in Arizona for ages 1-4.

As an added note, in case you weren't already aware, Adam's Blankie donates 5% of its sale profits to this charity, and during the anniversary of the near drowning, and every August {Drowning Awareness Month}, we give even more! I know that I always like knowing when my purchase is helping somewhere else!


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