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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{Lovely Clusters}

Lovely Clusters is gathering a list of bloggers who also create lovely things ~ brilliant! So I thought I'd give you the link to her blog, and also answer some questions that she has for the bloggers/creators.... And for those of you new to my little blog here, this will be a nice introduction for you to meet and learn a bit more about me!

*Intro to myself...
I am married to a wonderful husband of 7 years, and have a 3yo son and almost-here (as in, DUE TOMORROW!) baby girl on the way! I love the Lord with all my heart and am a type-A {perfectionist, "to-do" lister and non-stop action} personality all the way!

*What I create...
I come from a background in political science, finances and interior design {I know, I know...such a combo}, but have comfortably landed myself into the world of creating {designing and sewing} kids' clothing, baby accessories and children's toys. How did this happen? After having my son and receiving too many baby blue and "charactered" items, I knew I wanted more modern, "couture" baby accessories and clothing, and so began my business, Adam's Blankie {couture baby gifts & bedding}, Haute Tot Couture {couture children's clothing} and Gourmet Play {natural felt play toys, shaped crayons and more}.

*Images of what I create...

double minky, watermelon dots ruffled edge cuddlie blankie

spotted owl bib

"rockstar" crib bedding

"amped up" doodle diddie crayon roll

black and white damask bib and burp set

knottie sensory ribbon lovie blankie in "morning glory"

boys buttoned shirt in "zoology"

girls ruffled dress/shirt in "tweet tweet"

heart-shaped frosted felt sugar cookies

chunky star crayons

Have a product you'd like reviewed?
Contact me at adamsblankie@gmail.com


Kristi said...

Hi Kari,

I found you through the Lovely Blogger List...you are my closest neighbor...I live in Utah. You create some amazing things...I wish I could sew better. So nice to meet you. ♥

Adam's Blankie said...

Hi Kristi,

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome! Nice to meet you, too!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

So nice to "meet" you;) Your work is so beautiful. look forward to following!

OneCraftyFox said...

So lovely to meet you, your designs are so pretty and fun!!