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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here is a list of the {latest winners} for our giveaways!

K & K's Chubby Cheeks - Shannon - thr*******my@verizon.net
Seventh Generation - Jodi - jod****@comcast.net
Susan Brown's Baby - Bison61 - tir******92@yahoo.com
Crunchy Clean - KC, of course! - mam***C@gmail.com &
Ashley - dem*********ss7@gmail.com

{Thank you} again to all who entered!
If you see your name listed, you should have already been emailed with instructions on how to claim your prize.
We will have more NEW giveaways posting soon...just have to wait for our baby girl to arrive to test most of them out first, though! She's DUE TOMORROW, so it shouldn't be long!!
Thanks for your patience.

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