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Monday, May 24, 2010

{Mommyhood-ism #1}

A rather insightful lady recently told me that she just couldn't believe how much WIPING comes with motherhood.  As I sat there pondering her statement, I thought, "Oooohhh....how true!"  I mean, if you really stop to tally up how much wiping we moms do in a day, it's quite overwhelming!  From the dirty bums & messy spit-ups, sticky faces & snotty noses, sweaty foreheads and salty tears, wet hands and chlorinated bodies, total blowouts on the couch and greasy finger smudges on the glass doors, pee-spattered potty seats & mud-spattered backs of car seats, it's almost ridiculous!  Isn't it?  And just think.  These happen multiple times a day....every day!  So, I think if someone asks you what they can expect {or what's most surprising!} from motherhood, it's how much wiping you do!  Professional wipers, right?  {We should all have degrees in this!}  Ahhhh....but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. :)

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