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Monday, May 31, 2010

{Art} Boxes.

Okay.  So I stumbled upon these delicious little "Art Boxes" from Gifts Define  and am totally thinking I simply must have one of these {not for me, although I'm sure I could use one, too - but for my 3yo}.
These bad boys feature a magnetic whiteboard on one side {perfect for dry erase markers or any magnets, of course} and a removable chalkboard panel on the other side.  Other than being able to write on it with chalk, you can also remove it to reveal a storage space {think: space for the markers, chalk, or any other "treasures" your little one feels they must take with them....they can get quite creative with what they "must" bring, can't they?  I'm just thinking of all the matchbox cars my son likes to tote around...or the Chipotle menu he thinks he must get and carry with us in our car now!}.  Another bonus?  You can personalize it with your child's name.  I think you might want to tempt the grandparents with this one, or at least add it to your birthday or Christmas list of gifts-to-get-the kiddos!

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