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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bake it {Pretty}.

 Cupcakes are all the rage these days, aren't they?  And while I love a good cupcake {afterall, who doesn't?}, I also love the wrapping.  That is, the cupcake liner.  It's funny, we put so much attention and detail into giftwrapping presents to look oh-so-pretty, but we kind of just forget about the "packaging" of the good ol' cupcake.  Well, really, it's because the grocery store just sells plain white or silver ones, right?

Well, I have a solution!  A totally adorable, mod, chic solution to plain cupcake liners!  They come from my new fave site, "Bake it Pretty."  Cupcake liners in every size or style you could need, and all at a fairly good price, considering their uniqueness.

I absolutely {heart} these "damask" style ones!  They'd be perfect for a wedding or special girls' night! 

Or how about these red and green ones for Christmas?  Use them for your holiday party or your child's playdate or Christmas party!

And these "tilt-a-whirl" cupcake liners would be perfect for a summer, BBQ or birthday party, wouldn't they?

And another piece of eye candy there that I'd just love to get my hands on are any of their delightful cupcaker wrappers.   Instead of the hackneyed liner, why not try it with an adorably cute wrapper to boot?  This pink one with the children would be perfect for a little girls' tea party or birthday party..and "Bake it Pretty" has so many, many more that you just simply must check out.  Really!

And beyond their delicious cupcake liners, you can find loaf liners {perfect for gift-giving...especially around the holidays when we just can't help ourselves from baking up a frenzy!}, unique cookie cutters {like this adorable "onesie" cutter that would be perfect for a baby shower}, chocolate molds, candy melts and even party packs that include 24 {themed} cupcake liners and cupcake toppers.  Doesn't this pirate one make you want to throw a "Jack Sparrow" party for Halloween? :) 

Hope these inspire you for some {pretty} baking and simply delightful parties for your little ones {and yourself!}!

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