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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fab Faux {Flowers}

So my latest obsession of all-things-girly {I can't help it - got a new baby girl, and I just can't get enough!}  are the adorable fabric faux flowers you see everywhere!  Sure, my "obsession" began with those "plain" {as I now call them} silk ones you can buy in the stores.  But now I've become a flower "snob" and just can't get enough of the ones out there made by hand {my favorite, of course!}!  And, boy oh boy, are there some amazing artists out there who create these things!

Here are some that I've recently made:

embellishing a tank top

matching hair accessory

adorning a ruffled "belt" on tank top

Of course, this simply isn't good enough for me, and I plan to extend my flower-making "binge," making them even more opulently decadent!  Stay tuned!  Bonus?  Arriving at a store near you soon! :)

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