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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cross {Christian} Couture.

 I thought it would be soooo easy to snatch up some adorable cross {or other "Christian"} couture fabric, but boy was I wrong!  Did you realize this stuff is virtually nonexistent in the market?!?? I.was.shocked.  Seriously.  How can someone not have created a designer fabric with crosses?  scripture?  or angels?

Sooo....Of course, my next thought led me to, "How can I create this?"  Enter appliques.  I decided that if I couldn't buy some couture cross fabric, I was going to make my own crosses out of fabric I already have and just applique them onto items {i.e., bibs, lovies and onesies} Check them out below & let me know what you think.  {By the way, they are also now on sale at Adam's Blankie!  And you can get them in ANY OF OUR FABRICS!!}

My next move?  Figuring out how to design my own fabric! If any of you know about that process, please let me know!  Seriously! :)

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erin, maker of chimes said...

I think that these will be great baptism gifts!

There's a company local to me (NC) that does the "create your own fabric" thing... might take a look into Spoonflower.com

Adam's Blankie said...

thanks, erin! will look there for sure!