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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Bites

With "solids" just around the corner at our house with our baby girl, I am all abuzz with finding some deliciously divine dishes to cook up for her!  I cooked & pureed my own fruits and vegetables for our firstborn, and I fully intend to do the same for our secondborn.

But it has my thinking, "I just gotta find some good twists and "real" recipes out there for babies!"  Don't get me wrong.  I do love the basic, simply purees of whole fruits and veggies.  But I also want to find ways to sneak in some additional flavors that aren't typically found in kid cuisine.  Better to start early than late, right?  That's my theory anyway (especially now that I have a picky 3yo eater in our household!).

So here are a couple books out there that I found helpful on this topic:
 "Cooking for Baby" - ($19.95) We've got this book at our house now, but I have yet to delve into it...got it after the firstborn and before the second's arrival.  Has some really interesting-looking recipes, including "silken tofu & peach puree," & "edamame & yogurt puree."

 "Super Baby Food" ($13.57 on Amazon) - This one's a winner at our house. Goes over all the basics from cooking plain vegetables & fruits, at what age you should introduce them, and specific cooking directions from baking to steaming and more!

"Love in Spoonfulls" ($19.95) - From Parents magazine...still need to try this one out!  Anyone tried any of these recipes and recommend the book?  Let us know!! 

And for the older kids (toddlers, preschoolers & up), there's always "Deceptively Delicious," a.k.a, "Good ways to sneak in some good foods for those picky eaters of yours!"
Huge bonus?  Get a used copy for just $0.40 (plus shipping) on Amazon.com right now!!!

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Stuff Parents Need said...

We used super baby food. That thing was in constant circulation at my house for a few months while we got the hang of making baby food!

Hailey said...

I loved Super Baby Foods too. For Levi . . . . I cooked every two weeks for his main food.

Dish 1: Organic Chicken Thighs, drizzled in Olive Oil and lightly salted, Onion, Green Beans, Carrotts, Zucchini, and brown Rice. He ate this usually twice a day

Dish 2: Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, and lots of Cinnamon!

Dish 3: Lentils, Onion, Potato, Red Peppers, and a little chicken stock.

I wasn't so on top of it with Vivien, so I was determined to do it with #2. Once I realized how easy it was it make me laugh - I should have done it from the beginning - saved me a lot of money too!!

Adam's Blankie said...

Hi Hailey!

I have one similar to #2 that I'm going to try - but with the squash & pears & chili powder (vs. cinnamon) -- just a hint of the powder - nothing too strong!! :)