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Monday, June 14, 2010


Have you all seen these before?  I hadn't, and I absolutely find them sensational!  What a fabulous way to make some great use of your precious space at home, too!

"What is she talking about?" you ask?  Playbeds.  Ingenius, incredibly crafted playbeds.  Save some space {especially handy for those of you who are like me and don't have the extra space for a separate playroom!!}, and make that room oh-so-adorably inviting with these playbeds from CedarWorks. 

And beyond playbeds, you can customize about any "regular" play structure you can imagine - for both indoor & outdoor play.  And these aren't plastic (hence the name "Cedar"works!), and they look mighty fine!

Now, unfortunately I don't know how much these bad boys cost {one can only imagine when you see the quality & ingenuity of them}, but you can always request a catalogue or contact them at 800-462-3327 to find out more.
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