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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Okay, so I'm looking to spice things up at Adam's Blankie while the summer's still sizzling (but thankfully starting to wind down!) in Phoenix!  Amen to the School Season starting up ~ I know cool weather is just around the bend then!!

Anyway.  I want to make sure I'm bringing the most to my clients, and that they're happy with what we offer!  So, please {PLEASE!}take a moment to answer these few short questions....

For those of you who actually answer this, I will be choosing TWO lucky winners to receive $10 gift cards to use on anything in our shop {no minimum purchases required!}!! 
Just put your answers in the "comments" after this post!

1) Have you ever purchased anything from Adam's Blankie, and if so, what was/were it/they?
2) Favorite product currently at Adam's Blankie?
3) What new product would you like to see us offer?
4) What sale/deal would entice you the most to make a purchase (i.e, free shipping, $$ off, % off, etcetera)?
5) How much do you typically spend on a baby shower gift, and from where do you normally buy the gift/s?

 Thank you!! :)

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Holly said...

1) i purchased little gripper crayons from GOURMET play
2) the crayon roll!
3) maybe bibs in oilcloth?
4) free shipping!
5) usually 40-50 bucks and normally where the couple has registered, unless its a second child. but for xmas gifts, i usually always go the homemade/etsy route.

Dory said...

1. I purchased a beautiful pink and orange polka dot blankie for our friends' newborn baby girl. They loved it! :)

2. The burp cloth and bib sets--so cute!

3. Cannot think of anything in particular to add-you seem to offer it all! :)

4. $$ off a purchase would seem the most enticing offer to me.

5. I usually spend between $40-50 on a baby shower gift. I purchase from Etsy or from their gift registry, which is typically Babies R Us.

Leslie said...

1.Yes, precious bib and burpie sets. The ones with the added ruffle!!
2. Ruffled bib...so unique and everyone at the church nursery goes crazy over them!:)
3. Boppy covers?? I really don't know??
4. % off or $ off
5. I usually spend between $40-$50 depending on the person and how well I know them. I usually buy off a registry, but I just discovered ETSY not too terribly long ago, so I will probably be ordering some of your stuff since everyone is going crazy over the bibs!
6. I know this was not a question, but I do have to tell you that by FAR your bibs are the best I have. My sweet Nellie Grace spits up a lot and I have tried all kinds of bibs. I really need to order some more, I just haven't had time to sit down and do it because I want to do the custom option with the coordinating ruffle and well...three kids there is always drama. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones with the ruffles!!

Anonymous said...

1) Not yet!
2) Gosh, how to decide!? I'd say it's probably the Enchanted bib set.
3) Can't think of anything in particular.
4) I'm always a fan of free shipping and % off sales. Particularly nice % off sales, even if they only last a day or two. For example, I'd probably spend a lot more money if I could get things at 40% off even if it was a one-day sale or something like that.
5) For someone I'm very close to, I usually spend $75 to $100. For someone I'm not as close to, it's typically around $50. I almost always buy from registry for the bulk of the gift, but then usually do a little outfit/hats/etc. and buy those wherever I find something (Etsy, Gymboree, etc.)

Adam's Blankie said...

thank you SO much for the lovely complement, Leslie! I'm so glad you're loving our new "shabby chic" bibs! they're my favorite, too!! :)