Earn FREE HAIR COUTURE by hosting a home OR virtual Adam's Blankie party! Email adamsblankie@gmail.com for details!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

{Update on HOME PARTIES!}

Sooo....as I know some of my readers do not have kids of their own {or not that small, at least}, it's been requested that I also offer parties for JUST hair items.  ABSOLUTELY!

So, here are the alternative FREEBIES you can earn for hosting an Adam's Blankie party!!

*Host a party with 12 in attendance, and score a FREE bib OR hair clip/headband of your choice!
*Have $300 in sales, and earn a FREE bib AND burp cloth of your choice OR TWO hair items of your choice!!
*Have $500 in sales, and earn 15% off your total order AND the free bib & burp cloth OR TWO hair items!!!
*Have $1000 in sales, and earn 15% off your total order AND a bib, burp, binkie & lovie set OR THREE hair items!!!!
ALSO....even if you're not local, we can host an ONLINE PARTY! You just send me the email addresses and names of those you want to invite, and we'll send the EVITE.  Your friends/family will have 7 days to shop, and we'll take all the totals from that 7 day period to help you earn your goodies! :)

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