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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Couture Hats {for Mom}.

I thought it was time to post something for Mom.  We've had a lot of kids' couture lately, and why should we neglect ourselves, afterall?  Okay, maybe "neglect" isn't the right word here....  But after all that hard work you put into Christmas, why not treat yourself to something nice?  {Sleep in one day now that the craze is over, and just put one of these on, instead of fussing with your hair!!}

They come from Petal Chic Boutique and are just $30 each {well worth not having to do your hair every day, no?}.  You can get them on camo, brown or black hats, and they have a huge variety in fabrics.  They also specialize in team-colored ones, so for all you sports fans out there, what a highly fashionable {and unique!} way to support your beloved teams!  Here is the one I'd like to support my Alma Mater!!

So go ahead...treat yourself. I'm thinking this might be a nice Happy New Year gift to myself. :)

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