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Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Your Kids to Drink {More} Water

Do you have this problem at your house?  You can't get your kids to drink more {or maybe even any!} water?  I used to have that problem.  My son really just didn't drink much. Period.  But after seeing him always want to drink from my glass, I thought I should get him something of his own.  Something he thought was...cool.

So, here it is, plain and simple: mini water bottles.  They're just his size, and the big step here that I think you can't overlook is putting them where your kids can get them themselves.  So we stocked half of our fruit/produce drawer in the fridge with them.  This way, our little guy has his own special water bottles, and he can get one for himself whenever he wants {when do Mom & Dad ever let you do that?!??}.

Hope this helps all you who are currently struggling with this problem as we were. :)

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