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Monday, December 13, 2010

Natural Remedies {the Common Cough}

If you're a long-time follower, you remember a while back when I discussed natural items as cleaning agents.  {Click here for uses for lemons, here for vinegar, and here for cooking oils}.  Well, now I'd like to shed some light on natural items that can be used as health boosters.  We could all use advice on saving some money where we can, and plus, I'm a big advocate of using fewer chemicals and more natural products in our lives - especially when it comes to things we ingest!!

So first up is a remedy for the common cough -- something we'll probably all being seeing soon around our house, if we haven't yet already.

And the natural fighting agent nature has gifted us with for this?  Honey.  It can coat the throat to help bring relief to irritated membranes.  And did I mention that honey also naturally has antioxidants to help fight illness, too?

When my son was going through a terrible coughing spell {and when I say "spell," this lasted for MONTHS!! It was so bad, we had to get medication to use with a nebulizer}, we would give him warmed water with honey and lemon every night before bedtime.  We called it the "lemon spritz," and he loved having his own special drink! And I can honestly say the nights he drank that, he didn't cough as much throughout the night.

The only kicker here {and I'm sure your pediatricians have already forewarned you about this, but nonetheless...} is that you should **not** give honey to babies under age 1 due to their immature immune systems.

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