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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa {Revealed}.

So this is the first year that our son has shown any interest whatsoever in Santa Claus.  For the first time ever, he actually wanted to see him ~ AND didn't cry when he did see him!  Our little guy even observed that when we saw Santa, there were no reindeer.  So, of course, I thought, "awwww...how cute!" and I was glad about all of this.  But then it got me thinking...now that he's "hooked" on the idea, what happens when it's finally revealed that Santa is a phony!?

So, you gotta tell me...those of you out there who have already come and gone past this stage...how was Santa's true identity revealed to your little ones?  Did you initiate telling them? If so, how?  Did they find out from friends and get teased that they still believed?  Were they heartbroken?  How old were they?  Did you go on to tell them about the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny then and there, too?  Would LOVE to hear about this from you! {I'm already nervous about it, and he just started getting into it this year! EEEK!}

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