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Friday, February 11, 2011

{Birthday} Invitations!!

So I decided to splurge on the birthday party invitations for the kids this year ~ mainly because it's Baby K's 1st birthday and so wanted it to be special.  And what you do for one child, you must do for the other, so even though age 4 isn't a milestone birthday, I had to take the plunge for A Train's birthday party, too!

As they both have birthdays in March, I did toss around the idea of having a joint party, but ultimately decided to do them separately {again, mainly because it's Baby K's 1st, so wanted it to be special}.  So, of course, that doesn't help trying to be cost-effective since I'm paying for 2 parties at once {insert sigh here}. BUT.  It is what it is....AND I'm happy to report I'm pretty excited about how the invites turned out!!

I had my graphic designer friend, Christy {of CH Design Studio}, create them for me.  The images below show the front and back side of them....spectacular, aren't they?  I wish I could have totally customized birthday {along with baby showers, house-warming, Christmas, etcetera!} invitations for the kiddos every year, but I don't think that will be happening, just due to the cost of creating & printing things like these.  Next year is Evite! Ha!!

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