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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Organizing the Craft Room {Oh, the horrors!!}

Lately I've had this annoying little bee in my bonnet {as my husband often touts!} about getting my craft/sewing room organized.  Ugh.  The horrors!  Sooo many small things, I cannot even begin to tell you!  From fabric and buttons to lacey trims and fringe to envelopes, bubble wrap & tape {and then some!!}, the list of things goes on and on in my humble little office! So, of course, I've been poring over the internet in search of organizational pieces....and I've found some!  BUT.  Man oh man, does a lot of it cost a pretty penny!  I'm going to share with you some of the gems I found...but I'm BEGGING YOU ~ please, oh please, if you are a crafter or organized person, could you do me a little favor?  Could you pleeeeeeeeeease offer up where you've found some organizational pieces {furniture, accessories, etcetera}, or even give instructions {tutorials} on how to make some you yourself have created!!??  If so, I'd LOVE it!!! Love, love, LOVE it!!  Also, while we're on the topic, I'd like to find a really tall, slim basket for organizing purposes....any tips for where to get some good deals on baskets??

Okay, and one disclaimer here:  if you know me at all, it's gotta all be cute, okay?  Funky, mod, shabby chic...I'm for it all!  I'm an eclectic girl who loves a good mix & some fun & funky designs, but please, oh, pu-lease...no ugly plastic.  There. I said it. :)

Cubby Organizer from Pottery Barn - $129
Daily System Organizer - $399 on sale - Pottery Barn
Magnetic Storage Containers from organizeit.com - $12.99

Kids Art Display Hanger from organizeit.com - $8.99 - I'm thinking this could work for ideas, pictures, current project info..I'm lovin' its versatility!

Glass Spice Bottles from organizeit.com - $0.99 each!
Bedford Project Table from Potterybarn - $1,099.00

Corner Desk from Pottery Barn - $799.00 {does NOT include hutch imaged}

Hutch from Pottery Barn - $199.00

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~Create Me Pink~ said...

Thanks for sharing all these pics...the really are giving me some great ideas on organizing my craft area :)

I'm now following your blog...please stop by mine as well..thanks :)