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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids' Bathroom {Makeover}

About a year ago I posted about wanting to redo our kids' bathroom.  Well, I finally got around to it! {Yay!}  The bathroom before was a bit dark {a deep maroon with gold accents}, and not very "cheery" for kids, although I personally loved it. SO, my big task was making it brighter and more kid-friendly, but NOT too "kid-themed," if you know what I mean.

So, after much thought and research, I decided to go with a watered-down {no pun intended here!} beach theme.  It's a bit mundane & hackneyed, I know, but it's what I came up with...  When you live in the desert, sometimes you just crave the beach!  So, there you have it. 

So the first thing I did was pick out a color scheme.  I came up with aqua, coral, chocolate brown and white.  Next, I selected some aqua paint.  Ahhhhh...water inspiration!   Plus, it's fun, bright and modern ~ just what I was going for here {that, and I have an obsession lately with aqua}!!  I also purchased basic white towels and picked out some fabric to sew panels onto them.  The fabric is from Amy Butler {one of my all-time favorite fabric designers!}, and has the white, coral & chocolate colors I wanted. {The towels were not up on the towel bar for the pictures unfortunately, but you can see them here on the left}. To coordinate with them, I made some little washcloths {see below ~ last picture} with fabric and minky backing.  I chose not to use the same Amy Butler fabric for them, as it was a designer weight fabric and not as comfortable to be scrubbing the skin with!

We also picked out a new rug and shower curtain, and changed out our chrome bathroom accessories for brushed nickel.  {Oh, and on a sidenote here, now, of course, I want to redo ALL the accessories in our house! Ha!! Isn't that the way it goes?}

I found 3 starfish to hang on the walls {I just used mounting tape cut into little pieces}, along with some fake "coral" to set next to the sink {from Home Goods}, and a gorgeous sea print.  The print & starfish are from Etsy. {Have I told you lately how much I adore Etsy!} :)

gorgeous print from shop on Etsy - this photo doesn't do it justice unfortunately
our {fake} coral from Home Goods

Seashells collected by our little guy from his first time at the beach a couple years ago! {Awwww!}
I'm SO bummed I don't have the "before" pictures, but at least you can see the "after" ones.  I think I achieved what I was going for here..something the kids like, but that still is not total kid-infused.  AND something that feels beachy but is not all-inclusively and/or overly beach-themed.  What do you think?

Now I'm just waiting on a custom coral-colored wire seahorse {gotta get a bit more coral in there!} from my friend's shop, L'alfabeto.  She's got a fabulous shop with custom wire-made items, so be sure to check her out!!

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