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Friday, February 4, 2011

{Trumpettes} for TODDLERS!

For Christmas, our baby girl got some Trumpette socks from her beloved Uncle and Aunt.  Only thing was they were too small.  I know you all just have to know Trumpette, right?  Right. So we were bummed, but figured we'd just go exchange them at the store....

Well, first off, not too many stores carry the Trumpette brand.  Furthermore, where they do carry them, they're only in the infant size.  But, here's what we found out.  Did you know Trumpettes are also made to fit 1 and 2 year-olds!??  {Big smile here!} AND, they have an even cuter {I know, hard to imagine, right!?} sock for toddlers?  Seriously. It's called the "Lucy."  They're utterly adorable with their little satin bows on the toes.  I'm hoping these fit Baby K for more than a year {that is, if they don't wear out before then!}

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MamaMimi said...

What?!? Had NO idea! Where can I get 'em? Will Nordy's have these you think?

Welcome! said...

Hey there! I tried to exchange my infant size for toddler ones in stores, but to no avail. Nordstrom does NOT carry the 1-2 year size, nor does any other local store I found. I ended up going to Trumpette.com to see all they have available and do a direct order there! You must go - sooo adorable!!