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Monday, March 21, 2011

Decorating with Cupcake Liners

I have a new obsession.  It's decorating with paper.  Not scrapbooking paper.  But party papers.  As in, cupcake liners and crepe papers.  LOVE!

So the past couple weeks, I decided to do some trees, a wreath and a garland.  I went with all white liners for the trees and wreath.  Why?  Ultimate versatility.  These will be able to be used for just about any occasion!  From a baby or wedding shower to Easter and Christmas, I think they'll be making frequent guest appearances in our house!

"Luck O' The IRISH" block letters are from Sassy Talk!

So the two trees above are made from two different sized styrofoam tree forms with hot-glued mini white cupcake liners all over. The glass jar on the left has some moss and one of my rosette-covered balls inside. {If you missed the post on these, the tutorial to make these are available in our shop!}.  The garland is made from all kinds of cupcake liners {both regular and mini-sized} along with some wire-edge satin polka-dotted ribbon throughout.  I just used a needle and thread for the garland. I turned the liners all different ways, including folding them into halves and fourths before threading through.  There's no way to mess these up ~ just sew through any way you like, and the results are guaranteed to please!

{SIDE NOTE: I don't usually mix my seasonal decor, but I just decided to leave my Irish blocks in the picture for some color.  I'm working with Dawn from Sassy Talk on getting a couple super cute Spring & Easter pieces of art...will show those once I get them designed and over to my house!}

And below is the wreath, which is made from the regular-sized white cupcake liners.

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