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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter Basket Finds

I love finding little goodies to put in my kids' Easter baskets each year.  I always love just a bit of candy there {just gotta do it since that's pretty much ALL I got in my own Easter basket as a kid!}, but really, I love finding the different, unique, non-sugar lovelies for them.

So here are some Easter Basket finds I found this year...be sure to check these places out! All are from Etsy, meaning hand-made goodness! {Oh, and at the bottom are some Easter finds for Mom's basket ~ tell your husband you need one, too!!}

Easter Basket finds for the Kids....
Chocolate Peony with Flower Crystal from adamsblankie

Bunny Soaps from Mr. Robinet
owl bookends from Karen Sagez.  {P.S. I plan to come up with my own creation of these ~ will post pictures & tutorial for them after I've made them!}
Crocheted Owl hat from Prolesik - this one is for the pattern to DIY, but you can search Etsy and find many already made, ready for you to buy!
Mini Easter cookies from Crafted Cookies 799
Felt Macaron cookie set from treaclezoo
Felt tea bags from Gourmet Play
Bloom crayons from Gourmet Play
  Easter Basket finds for Mom...
French Nougats from Kettle Confections
Mama bird & nest necklace from Ivory Cove
Pink French Macaron cookie keychain from Bit of Sugar
Repurposed vintage sewing pattern paper flowers from Montclair Made
Paper mache eggs from the Broken House
Washi tape from Pretty Tape...{I, for one, have a few of these pegged to purchase ~ lovely!}
Rosette necklace from adam's blankie
Carnival {Grapefruit, Cotton Candy, Caramel & Bourbon Vanilla} Body Whip from Alchemic Muse
 Enjoy!  Happy Easter, everyone!

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