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Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiration Friday

I love beautiful things.  They make me perk up inside and more importantly, give me inspiration!  Inspiration to achieve. Inspiration to create.  Inspiration to inspire others.

So, as I was telling you last week, I spent some time this last weekend attending the "Creative Estates" first annual conference.  It was located at the lovely "Inspirador" in downtown Chandler (Arizona).  Inspirador is a gorgeous facility that hosts lots of weddings and events.  And quite fittingly, they have an "inspiration room" up front for people to, well, get inspired! 

And looking in there certainly inspired me!  I now have a new determination to create only more and be better in those creations! Below you'll see some of what I saw.  Soooo, what do you think? What is invoked in you when you see these pictures (so sorry about their quality, by the way, but you can certainly still get a great sense of their beauty!)?

part of the "Inspiration Room"
gorgeous way to display memorable photos!
love the pearl frosting details..and how they alternate designs between cake layers
this dolled up cupcake was at "In Pockets," a shop just down the road...isn't she so pretty all gussied up?
so loving the framed grass...thinking this must make at least an annual (if not permanent) appearance in my house each Spring!

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