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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Color Fad

Move over, Pink, and make way for PURPLE!

Is it just me, or have you all been noticing more and more purple around {been to Target lately? They have a whole slew of purple home decorative items}?  It seems that I have started to notice a trend of purple popping up here and there more and more....  From children's clothing to home decor, I think it just might be trying to give pink a run for its money!  And to this I say, "It's about stinkin' time!"  I mean, I love me some good pink and all, but seriously.  How. long. must. "it". be. PINK!?!!  {Although I'm STILL waiting for the "pink and brown" and "blue and brown" fad to leave the baby industry.  C'mon now! Any day, peeps!}

So I just recently made this custom headband for a friend of mine who's brother is getting married soon. It's for her 6 month old daughter to wear to the wedding.  The wedding color?  Yup, you guessed it ~ PURPLE!

I'm digging it, and am find myself wondering, "Hmmm...where can I add some purple in my house?"  I love plum purple with mustard yellow...so maybe once we redo the nursery, our daughter's room could be in those hues...mmmm...my mouth is almost. almost. salivating. ;)

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MamaMimi said...

That just shows that I fight fads with everything I've got because I've always been the advocate for purple and now that its finally coming in I'm adding punches of pink to everything...hahaha!!! I just make my own trends I guess =) But I'll never stop loving purple...its only in every room of my home! =) Beautiful headband!

Welcome! said...

in EVERY room in your home? ooh, I'd LOVE to see pictures! i hope it IS coming in, though ~ I'm really starting to grow weary of pink myself!