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Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School {Fan-tabulous Finds!}

Wow.  I can hardly believe it's already that time of year again ~ time to go Back to School {at least here in Arizona, it is!  Some kids have already been back to school for a couple weeks now.  Simple WRONG if you ask me!! Whatever happened to starting AFTER Labor Day?!??}.  Now, can someone please explain to me just where exactly time goes?!  Sometimes I swear it just flies right on by, and I miss it all!

So, of course, I had to go on a hunt for some awesome school supplies.  Everyone gets fresh, sharp crayons, notebooks and folders {remember Trapper Keepers?!  Seriously...am I that old?!??}, but I'm talkin' about finding some fan-tabulous finds!  Stuff that will make all the other kids {and their Moms!} go, "Oooooh! Where did you get that?!??"  So here you have it: head turners for school. ;)

Clothespins ($4) Give these to the teacher the first day, and your kid is sure to score some points!
Backpack ($38) Many delicious fabrics to choose from at this shop! {We heart ours!}
Pencil Toppers (2 for $12) Now how stinkin' adorable are these!??
Mini Crayon Roll ($14) Not bragging here, but I really do heart this product of ours! ;) + 48 fabrics to choose from!
Retro Lunch Box ($25) - many different styles from this shop.
Reusable Snack bag ($7.50) OR purchase pattern from OUR shop to DIY and make as many as you like!
Apple Jacket ($5) Let your kiddo be surprised with {love} when she opens her lunchbox to find this!

Happy "Back to School" shopping!  And, pleeeeease, if you have an awesome BTS lovely you know of yourself, please pass the link along here!

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