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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calling All Professional Photographers! {DISCOUNT!}

I get contacted all the time by professional photographers who are looking for props {in my case, it's usually our hair couture} to use in their photos.  They realize, after all, how much difference a fabulous prop can make in a photo {see a few samples below! I work closely with Christina of Christina Hendrick Photography, as she is amazing at what she does}!  Consider props as little pieces of candy that just satisfy your soul when you see them.  They are but "eye" candy, of course, but sometimes they really just make the photograph, ya know?  {Afterall, why do you think there are businesses out there who thrive off of selling props alone, as their sole source of income?!}

So, in order to accommodate as many of you professional photographers as there are out there, I've decided to offer a Professional Photographer Discount to you!  {Sa-weeeeeeeeeeeeet!}  What this means is 25% off any of our hair couture to purchase for your prop stash!  In order to qualify for this discount, you must have a live, up-and-running website, session pricing listed, with an "extensive" gallery {to show me you really are a professional photographer, and not just making the claim!} and contact info to boot.

**Please note, this offer is for a limited time only! To place your order, please visit adam's blankie first to pick out your hair couture.  Then please email me at adamsblankie@gmail.com to place your order.

showcasing one of our stroller blankies and the "divine" statement headband

our "waterfall" headband in raspberry
gray and turquoise rosette from our jersey line of headbands
distressed rockstar boys newsboy hat
our "black swan" headband
 So here is a big Thank you!!! to all you amazing photographers!  I LOVE all you are doing for the amazing world of photography!!! :)

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