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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cupcake Liner Headband

Let me just start by saying that I only wish I would have thought of doing this for my daughter when she turned one last month {darn it!}....they're super cute and a brilliantly clever idea to have your girl sport for her birthday!  Why?  You can match the cupcake liners from the party to her hair accessory.  Go ahead now...."ohhh!" and "ahhhhh!" for me! :)  But even if not for a birthday party, they're just a unique hair accessory, and are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, which is worth a lot in my book!

And more importantly (for some of you, at least!), did I mention you really can't mess these up?  They're pretty much fail-proof and can be customized any way you like!  Basically, if you can fold and either do a super easy stitch on your sewing machine OR sew a button on something, you can make these!!

So how did I come up with these?  I'm not really sure....  I know I've been inspired by all the wonderful crafts I've discovered recently using cupcake liners.  In fact, I've made trees, wreaths and garlands with them and posted about them just last month!  But today, for some reason, it came to me...ah-ha!  Let's make this into a hair accessory!  And so it was. :)

Materials Required
*Cupcake liners {any will do - but an assortment of sizes is best - i.e., jumbo, regular and mini}
*Craft Glue
*Rhinestone OR button
*Felt (small piece)
*Sewing machine OR thread and needle
*alligator hair clip (optional)
*ribbon (optional)
*headband (optional)

So you're going to start by picking up the cupcake liners you want to use.  I don't want you to be limited by the number I used, but let's just say it was about 16. ;)  Again, feel free to use what you like...be creative!  You may just want to grab a few of each size and see where it takes you.

So I started by folding 5 of my matching (regular sized) liners into fourths, as such. (Fold in half; then fold in half again).

I put them together to form a circle, overlapping each one a little bit.

Then I took 2 of that same patterned liner and folded each of them in half.  I put these behind the circle of liners I had just made.

Next, I took 2 different patterned liners (again, regular size) and folded them almost in half....part of one end of each liner was slightly higher than the other end (so that they stick out a bit from the stack when added...so that you can see them!).  I placed these two liners on the bottom of my stack. (Keep in mind, you're just adding as you go, and holding them all in place with one hand).  Next I took a jumbo liner, and smushed it flat.  This I placed to the bottom of my stack.

At this point, I decided to sew my stack together, as my flower was getting pretty thick, and I didn't want them to start sliding all over the place!  So I just went to my machine and zig-zagged a stitch in the center, being sure to catch all layers with my needle.

Then I took 4 regular sized liners in yet another pattern, and folded them into fourths (fold in half, and then fold in half again).  I put these on top of my cupcake liner flower.

And the last of the liner layers were 2 mini-sized liners that I stacked together, layed out flat and added to the top.
Then I stitched them all together.  Next I took some craft glue and placed a large rhinestone right in the middle.  If you don't have access to these, a large button would do beautifully, as well!

I decided to put mine on a hair clip so that I could use it plain in the hair, or on any number of different headbands. You just need an alligator clip, some 3/8" ribbon and some craft glue.  Cut the ribbon to about 6 inches.  Then secure the edges (to prevent fraying) by singing them with a lighter.  Finally, glue onto your clip.

Glue the top of your clip and place onto the backside of your cupcake flower.

Then cut a small circle from felt, to fit the bottom part of your flower.  Glue one side of your felt circle entirely, and place over the BOTTOM part (NOT the top!) of your hair clip, to secure the clip to the flower.

At this point you can enjoy your Cupcake Liner Flower as is! You can also attach to a headband (especially if baby doesn't have enough hair to hold in a clip yet).  If you don't have any, or want a new one, we do offer them in our shop a la carte and have a large variety of colors.  You can visit us here to check them out.


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