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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nursing Cover Dress for Baby - DIY Tutorial

So baby is "all grown up" {or so it feels...} and you're done nursing her.  Now you've placed your nursing cover in the "To Donate," or "To Sell" pile, right?..........WRONG!  Instead of getting a measly 5 bucks for it, you can keep it and turn it into a gorgeous dress/long shirt for baby!  Afterall, it is in a fabric you must already love since you chose it as a nursing cover!!  And it just takes some basic sewing skills.  So if you've been waiting for a good first project to break in your sewing machine, now is your chance! And if you're a more seasoned sewer, this should take no time at all!

The real beauty of it?  A lot of the steps needed are done for you already since we're not starting from a raw piece of fabric!

To get the how-to on making it, please visit our shop, adam's blankie.  Here you can find a handful of easy sewing patterns.  And if you click to our home page, you'll find a plethora of other handmade goodies for both you and baby...ones you don't have to sew yourself! (I'm sure that makes some of you happy!)

Enjoy! And if you do decide to try this pattern, please send me pictures (before and after would be AWESOME!) of your end results!  You can email them to me at adamsblankie@gmail.com

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