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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

they're heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!! {results from our photo shoot!}

You might recall me talking about an upcoming photo shoot I had arranged to take some pictures of our goodies on some cutie-patootie kids!  So a couple weekends ago, it finally happened!  {Our first session had forecasted rain, so we had to reschedule.  This second time?  Nearly 100 degree weather. Ugh.  BUT. The kids are parents were amazing troopers, and we ended up having a fantastic time!}  Anyway, I had arranged for this shoot with a good friend of mine, who happens to be a photographer.  And a spectacular one at that!  {You can visit Christy at Christina Hendrick Photography to see her portfolio, or to book a session. She is in the San Diego area}.  I collaborated with a couple other girl friends of mine who also have their own handmade businesses in the Gilbert/Chandler area.  I love their work, and wanted to showcase it to you, as I find it inspirational and downright fun!

Nicole of EllaJo Customs brought absolute perfection in her must-have girly tutus and shirts {she also has applique shirts for boys, too!}.

tutus and applique shirts by EllaJo Customs; hair designs by adam's blankie

tutu {LOVE the lime green, turquoise and black!} and shirt by EllaJo Customs; "Pink Swan" headband by adam's blankie
tutu and shirt by EllaJo Customs; "divine" headband by adam's blankie
Purposed Life is another business I asked to join us.  They offer upcycled dresses and shirts, among a few other items.  All designs are unique and original pieces of art, and all of them are created and made by my friend, Meghan.  She is an insanely awesome artisan, and I just love her work!

dresses and leggings by Purposed Life; hair couture by adam's blankie
dresses by Purposed Life; headbands by adam's blankie
dress by Purposed Life; headband by adam's blankie

I brought tons of adam's blankie goodies to the set, as well, of course.  A lot of them are new headband creations...but believe it or not, I have more that I haven't even photographed or listed yet!  They'll make their debut soon, though! :)

rosette statement necklace and chocolate headband by adam's blankie
distressed hat and cuff by adam's blankie
dress and headband by adam's blankie
tie by adam's blankie
bloomers by adam's blankie
blanket and headband by adam's blankie
headband by adam's blankie
headband and bib by adam's blankie
headband by adam's blankie
headband by adam's blankie
headband by adam's blankie
headband by adam's blankie
Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our day!  Like I said, amazing accessories and goodies for your sweeties! So please be sure to stop by and say "hello!" to us all!  Just click the links to visit us:

adam's blankie
Christina Hendrick Photography
EllaJo Customs
Purposed Life

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